Foundation in Valuation Methodology

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150.0 Hours Formal CPD

Gain detailed knowledge needed for valuation, the main competencies of valuation practice, through to application of that knowledge. Learn best practice in inspection and measurement and ensure any valuation report meets RICS valuation standards both nationally and internationally.

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify when and why a valuation is required
  • Apply best practice on inspection and investigation
  • Explain the international aspect of property measurement
  • Describe and understand the role of the value within the property market
  • Explain key valuation methods theories and techniques
  • Select most appropriate method of valuation for a given property scenario
  • Produce a valuation applying the appropriate method of valuation
  • State the purpose of International Valuation Standards and RICS Valuation – Professional Standards
  • Describe the use of the Valuation Standards from the client’s perspective
  • Upcoming Dates

    11 February 2020 - 9:00am
    19 May 2020 - 9:00am

    Course information

    As someone looking to begin a career in valuation, it is essential that you demonstrate comprehension of the correct methods to use for performance analysis, financing decision, development advice or transactional decisions. Specifically, this means knowing when, how and why to use the various valuation methods available.

    Our course will enable you to assess the property market and be in a position to recognize which situations require which types of valuation, choose and apply the right methodology and create the valuation report in line with RICS best practice and international standards. You will also learn how to work with your clients.

    Overall, we will furnish you with the skills to be able to begin work on valuation projects and demonstrate your ability to critically analyze valuations, identify red flags, and allow you to exercise your professional judgment. Gain detailed knowledge on the fundamentals of valuation practice and take the first steps towards working as a valuer of property or other asset classes.

    Course Benefit

    • Add a holistic economic overview to your property market thought processes
    • Discover the practical research needed to prepare and produce a valuation
    • Find out how to find, weigh and analyze the comparable evidence to underpin your valuation
    • Understand how the numbers are produced when more unusual property is valued
    • Put the Valuation Standards into practice to confirm instructions and produce valuation reports consistently.

      Course Content

      Learn through a wide range of online learning resources including real time with the trainer through engaging web classes and focus your learning through case studies and practical real-life examples. The course is composed of 6 technical modules which will cover the core valuation competencies of inspection, measurement and valuation methodologies and report writing.

      Module 0: Course Introduction
      Module 1: Context and information gathering for valuation
      Module 2: Comparable method and the market
      Module 3: Investment method and two techniques
      Module 4: Residual method traditional
      Module 5: DRC and profits methods overview
      Module 6: Valuation Standards and the client
      Module 7: Course Review and Summary

      For more information on these modules, please see the "Detailed course guide" link in the additional information area. 

      Who is this course for?

      • APC and Assoc candidates
      • Individuals looking to start a career in valuation or gain a fundamental grounding in valuation methods and practice
      • Professionals who need to create or work with valuations on a day to day basis including professionals working in finance functions or departments and real estate

      Additional information

      Next available start date: 11 February 2020 - 9:00am

      Enrollment duration: 180 Days

      Languages: English

      Category: Property

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      Detailed course guide

      Course Type: Product / Distance Learning

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