Problem Solving Tools and Methods

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It is inevitable that problems will arise in any leadership or management role. Whether you are a new Manager or already adept in your approach to problem-solving or somebody who wants to improve his problem solving skills, taking this e-learning module will help you understand and apply problem solving logic and tools, approach problems more effectively and identify appropriate solutions.

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify a major problem by the difficulties that are encountered
  • Draw up a factual breakdown of the problem
  • Select the causes that you will work on effectively
  • Choose the best solution and monitor its progress
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    Course information

    Course Content

    This interactive e-learning covers the following topics:

    • Identifying, selecting and analysing the problem
    • Finding the cause of the problem
    • Analysing, choosing and applying the best solution
    • Verifying the effectiveness of the implemented actions

    Who is this course for?

    The module is suitable for all who wish to enhance their problem solving skills.

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    Enrollment duration: 30 Days

    Languages: Chinese English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish

    Category: Leadership & Business Skills

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