Managing Across Teams

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3.0 Hours Formal CPD

Unsurprisingly, managing across teams can be very challenging. However, there are tools and skills that you can learn from this e-learning course that can help build these teams much easier and thus your projects more likely to succeed.

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Learning outcomes

  • Position and understand your role
  • Develop your network to improve your influence
  • Coordinate cross-functional activities effectively
  • Adapt your communication
  • Exercise your influence even without a formal managerial link to members of the teams
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    Course information

    Cross-functional teams are drawn from different parts of the business or organization. They are a group of people from different backgrounds and come together with a variety of skills. It is the leader or project manager’s role to bring cross-functional team members together, form and influence them into an effective group working as one to achieve common goals.

    Course Content

    This interactive e-learning has five modules covering the following topics

    • Positioning the cross-functional manager
    • Lobbying strategy of the cross-functional manager
    • Ensuring cross-functional coordination
    • Effective cross-functional manager communication
    • Leadership of the cross-functional manager

    Who is this course for?

    This e-learning is suitable for all managers and leaders responsible for managing cross-functional teams.

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    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

    Languages: English French

    Category: Leadership & Business Skills

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    Price: $105.00

    Course Type: Product / E-Learning

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