Interpersonal Effectiveness

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3.0 Hours Formal CPD

This e-learning course is designed to help participants improve teamwork and enhance relationships through effective communication. It includes five e-learning modules that explore the development of an interpersonal communication strategy, how to communicate more effectively and what levers can be used for cooperation.

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Learning outcomes

  • Discover the three pillars of interpersonal excellence
  • Enjoy successful relationships with others
  • Master the basics in developing an interpersonal communication strategy
  • Develop self-knowledge for better communication
  • Explore the three routes to good communication
  • Define the basic elements needed for building a winning cooperation with others
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    Course information

    Course Content

    This e-learning course offers five modules covering the following topics:

    • The 3 pillars of interpersonal excellence
    • Developing an interpersonal communication strategy
    • Knowing yourself better to communicate better
    • The 3 routes to good communication
    • The 3 essential levers for building a winning cooperation

    Who is this course for?

    This e-learning is ideal for those in middle management or those requiring a refresher on effective communication strategies.

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    Additional information

    Enrollment duration: 90 Days

    Languages: Chinese English French German Hungarian Italian Portuguese Spanish

    Category: Leadership & Business Skills

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    Price: $155.00

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