Valuation for Non-Valuers

7.00 Hours Formal CPD

In this course, you will become an informed user of valuations. You will learn the main approaches to value, understand key valuation concepts, how to read a valuation report and how to review the valuations of real estate presented in financial reporting.

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9 July 2019 - 9:00am
Midtown NYC
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  • The main drivers affecting value
  • The main valuation methods
  • The importance cash flow timing
  • How to maximize Income
  • How to value using the Capitalization Method
  • How to analyze income, outgoings, capital expenditure, incentives, over/under market rents, vacancy, effective rents, yields
  • How actions affect value
  • Ways to maximize property‚Äôs value

Who Should Attend

  • Facility and Property Managers
  • Real estate lenders, investors and analysts.
  • Lawyers working with real estate valuations lending
  • Auditors reviewing valuations for financial reporting
  • Financial regulators
  • Property professional who want a better understanding of valuation reports


This class will be delivered in person with practical breakout sessions, interactive discussions and activities integrated throughout to support your learning

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Next available start date: 9 July 2019 - 9:00am

Category: Property

Member price: $650.00

Price: $650.00

Course Type: Face to Face

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Learning outcomes

  • Discuss the main approaches to valuation
  • Explain what valuations are used for and by whom
  • Examine the importance of cash-flow timing
  • Learn how to maximize income
  • Appreciate the drivers affecting value
  • Be able to value using the capitalization method
  • Demonstrate how to improve value through active management