Supply Chain Management for Infrastructure

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Supply chains within infrastructure development involve many parties and layers - find out best practice from an industry expert on managing your supply chain effectively.

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Infrastructure clients should actively manage their supply chains in order to obtain the best long term outcomes for both clients and suppliers.

Clients need to know that suppliers will bid sensibly for work, bring the right supplier chain parties together who possess strong capabilities and expertize to deliver work to best value and whole life outcomes.

Suppliers need continuity of work, and the ability to invest in skills, training and development. They need to update their working processes and invest in research that improves their productivity.

Bring this together are the procurement and bidding arrangements that govern the commissioning of work. These arrangements should reflect best practice developments in supply chain management across the industry.

Course Content 

  • Provide you with context and current thinking to set out why this topic is important and the main themes
  • Introducing the main parties and what is involved in clients ‘making a market’
  • Set out what makes a supply chain sustainable, the thematic issues and benefits of best practice adoption of supply chain techniques
  • Setting out the main learning points and opportunities for your own research, including outputs from our ‘Sustainable Supply Chain’ initiative

Why attend this course

This is intended as a practitioner’s introduction for professionals seeking to examine the context of supply chain procurement and to deepen any existing knowledge.

Who should attend

Client sponsors, Procurement managers, project managers and PQS, Suppliers, Supplier bid managers, business developers and QS, Regulators and Policy Makers


This on-demand video course is a recorded, instructor led program with interactions built in to test your knowledge. 

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Learning outcomes

  • Learn what key factors and best practices exist in ‘making a market’ between clients and their supply chain
  • Common procurement pitfalls and benefits in adopting best practice
  • A procurement framework ‘Sustainable Supply Chain’ and the thematic issues within this framework
  • Some references and guidance for further exploration of this issue and deepening your knowledge
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    Sorina Du Toit MRICS

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